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Performing Arts 

Our performing arts classes are one of our most popular sessions. The classes are suitable for students aged 5-16yrs. Students participate in an hour of dance, singing and drama. This is such a fun-filled, action packed lesson and perfect for children who love to perform. 


Our dance classes are street/jazz based. We aim to make the classes as enjoyable as possible for students by dancing to current and modern music and keeping the classes very energetic and fun.


Students will develop technique and musicality in various dance styles, including: street dance, commercial dance, hip hop and more. Our dance classes are designed to teach students the fundamentals of dance but also to nurture students existing skills. 

All students will have the opportunity to perform and participate in 2 professional productions.


  • To gain confidence and skills

  • To develop posture, coordination and dance techniques

  • To provide a fun and energetic session

  • To develop the relevant skills required in order to reach a high level of acceptance for professional industry productions


Drama is the foundation of the Performing Arts industry. It is a subject where students are able to develop a talent and increase in confidence, skill and technique.

Our fun-filled Drama lessons allow students to refine their skills in different departments of the Drama industry: Acting, Script Writing, Script Reading, Directing, Improvisation and more.

Students will also have the opportunity to enter a London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) Drama Examination.


  • Develop self-confidence

  • Develop Performance Skills

  • Build Communication Skills

  • Develop the use of positive Body Language

  • Develop Vocal Clarity

  • Develop Intonation and Project

  • Acquire Stage Presence

  • Gain Skills and Techniques in Script Learning

  • Develop acting skills required to create different characters


Singing is an enjoyable subject where students are able to develop their singing techniques in order to successfully improve their singing performance.

Our singing lessons are designed to benefit students in developing self-confidence to sing as part of a group and as a solo artist. As well as getting students to become familiar with breathing exercises, students will also be taught to a well-known and appropriate song to sing in their class in order to put their singing techniques into practice. 


  • To develop singing techniques

  • To introduce technical breathing exercises

  • To be able to blend as part of a chorus group, or project as a solo artist

  • To apply the appropriate skills to develop an exceptional singing performance

AKA Dance Studios
8:45-12:45pm   - Minis    (5-7yrs)
8:45-12:45am   - Kidz     (7-9yrs)
8:30-11:30am   - Tweens  (9-11yrs)
9:45am-12:30pm - Inters    (11-15yrs)
10:30-1:15pm     - Juniors  (15+yrs)
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